There’s a cannibal named ‘Mad Dog’ that eats Muslims


I first saw the story on RYOT’s instagram and was appaled just by seeing the words “This is the face of a cannibal.” These words were accompanied by a photo of half of Mad Dog’s stoic face.


Image from Ryot News.

Last week, the BBC released an interview with the self-professed Central African cannibal. Mad Dog says that he eats Muslims because they killed his pregnant wife, his sister-in-law and her newborn.

You can read the full story from RYOT and see the video here.

I automatically associate the word cannibal with savage. A member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized. I think of horror movies and stories used to scare little kids.

I once heard a legend about a man who was starving and all he had was the clothes on his back and a fire. One night he got a little too close to the fire and burnt his finger. His stuck his finger in his mouth and liked the taste of his own burnt flesh so much that he began to eat himself. Then he began to eat other people. Cannibals belong in horror stories and the 17th century, not Central Africa.


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