Hilary Duff makes me want to re-join Tinder

Thanks to Hilary Duff, Tinder may rise once again as a legit dating app. The star of the new TV show Younger, recently released the music video for her catchy song Sparks.


Duff and friend swiping through potential matches in her music video.

The video starts out with Duff on a radio show confirming that, yes guys, she really is on the popular “dating” app. She then goes on to explain that one night she and some friends were joking around and decided to download the app. The video then cuts together choreographed dance moves and candid moments from Duff’s dates.

Duff’s catchy beat and lyrics paired with the candid shots of multiple dates made me think that I should re-download the “dating” app that I deleted because it was more hook up than actual dating.

I’ve been weighing the pros and cons all day of re-installing the app thanks to Duff. I’m sick of the hook up culture. Duff said that every relationship she had been in was serious and that most of them she met through work. She wanted to have fun and that’s why she decided to give Tinder a go.

Whatever happened to old-fashioned dating? I admit that deep down I’m a hopeless romantic. I love rom-coms and dream of that one epic love. Maybe I’m foolish to believe in true love. Yet, it’s because I’m foolish that I am going to resist the urge I got from the Sparks video to re-install Tinder.

Tinder should really thank the former Disney Channel star for the publicity.



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  1. August 22, 2015 / 11:09 pm

    Omg your so funny. All those dating sites are just terrible but the cultural norms in dating has changes quite a bit. I am a recent widow who was with my husband in a relationship since 2003 so now I am like, oh dear, how will dating be now.

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