BoostInsider, a new way to make money?


Did you know that Facebook generates ads based on your interests and posts on their site? Well now you do! I was scrolling through my news feed, minding my own business, when one ad jumped out at me.

It was for BoostInsider. It allows you to earn money by promoting products that YOU like on social media. You can choose what categories of campaigns you get such as: fashion, beauty, games, tech, etc. They currently only pay through PayPal and the revenue you can generate differs from campaign to campaign.

This post is in no way a promotion for the company. I legit just signed up today and I haven’t generated any revenue yet. I thought it would be a good post for all of you, my followers, to read about. I plan to keep you all updated of my journey with BoostInsider. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!


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