Spools & Spoons Soaps Product Review

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Hey Guys! So I was given the opportunity to review a few products from Spools and Spoons Soaps. I did my review in the form of my first YouTube video!

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3 Things Military Kids Hate

3 Things Military Kids Hate

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Some military kids love moving while other military kids hate it. While, we might not all agree on a lot of things. All military kids have a strong bond with each other due to life experiences we’ve all been a part of through our life.

Here are 3 Things Military Kids Hate.

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Patsy’s Pub And Grill

Patsy’s Pub And Grill

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Sunday morning, let’s be honest, Sunday afternoon my friend Kara and I decided to get brunch. It was the day after my birthday party and we usually get brunch and discuss the previous night’s events.

We had planned to go this one brunch place, but it closed at 3PM and the line was out the door. We ended up at this small bar, which serves brunch, called Patsy’s Place: Pub and Grill.

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5 Reasons Identity Body Piercing Is The Best

5 Reasons Identity Body Piercing Is The Best

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When I got my nose pierced, I only paid $20.00 (for the piercing and all) to a man in a shoebox tattoo shop. It didn’t hurt what so ever and I loved the small stud.

My best friend, Emmy, also loved my nose piercing and last October she researched (my guy sounded sketch—her words!) and found Identity Body Piercing on Facebook. We just walked in and were helped straight away.

Here are 5 reasons why Identity Body Piercing is the best in Chicago.

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