3 Things Military Kids Hate

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Some military kids love moving while other military kids hate it. While, we might not all agree on a lot of things. All military kids have a strong bond with each other due to life experiences we’ve all been a part of through our life.

Here are 3 Things Military Kids Hate.

1. Being asked, “Where are you from?”


I was born in Carbondale, Illinois but I only lived there until I was 3 years old. Then I moved to Galesburg, IL till I was 6 yrs old. Then Jackson, MS for two years. Then Vicksburg, MS till fifth grade. Then Washington, D.C. till I graduated from eighth grade (dad worked at the Pentagon).

Then we moved to South Carolina and we stayed there for four years—that’s the longest I’ve lived in one place. Should I say SC? Oh no, my parents don’t live there anymore. As I moved for college, they moved back to Vicksburg, MS.

Then they moved to Tennessee and now they’re in Louisiana. Wait, what was the question again? Oh, I guess you could say the backseat of my parents station wagon, but we did live in a hotel for a few months too.

2. When someone is “just curious” and asks how many schools you’ve been to over the years.


I lost count after 14. My parents would not only move to different states or cities but I would start school while we lived in a motel room and then once they rented a house, I’d have to switch schools.

If I had to guess, I’ve been to maybe 20 different schools. It’s actually a surprise to me that I even did well in school.

3. That we can’t show our significant other where we grew up.


So it’s time to meet for your significant other to meet your parents. They are under the assumption that they will get to see your childhood bedroom as well. You don’t have the heart to tell your s.o. that you haven’t had a childhood bedroom in years. In fact, the only evidence that you were a kid are the photos hanging on the walls.

You wanna see were I got my scar in my eyebrow? Alright, Galesburg, IL here we come. You wanna see were my baby brother stood up for me against some bullies? Ridgeland, MS. You wanna see where I hung out after high school? Columbia, South Carolina. You wanna meet my parents? Louisiana.

Are you a military kid or former military kid? What’s one thing you hate? Tell me in the comments below!


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  1. September 21, 2015 / 2:52 pm

    I am not a military kid, or army brat as we used to say in my hometown near Ft. Campbell. But, many of my friends had parents in the military, so I was around army brats all the time. I love this post because these were the things I heard my friends say all the time that they were tired of explaining to those of us who were not military. One thing that is so awesome about living in the world today is that I can go to FB or Twitter to find all of my childhood friends who moved away as their parents were stationed and restationed around the world.