Spools & Spoons Soaps Product Review

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Hey Guys! So I was given the opportunity to review a few products from Spools and Spoons Soaps. I did my review in the form of my first YouTube video!

Everything in their shop is handmade and natural. Think of their Etsy shop like a Lush store but waaaayyyy cheaper! Also, their scents are to DIE for! The scents are unique to this store and something you won’t find anywhere else!

I got to try three soaps, one shampoo, and a chapstick. Needless to say, I’m in love. My Etsy cart  already has four of their products in it! Plus with the coupon code BOMBSHELL you get 15% off! What a steal!

UPDATE: In the video I say that one bar of soap is equal to all four samples put together, but a full bar is equal to TWO of the samples together. (1″ thick, 2″ high, and 3″ long)

If you decide to buy one of their products let me know which one you got in the comments below! Also, would you try the vanilla bacon milkshake soap?! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

COUPON CODE: BOMBSHELL (15% off. Expires December 1st)

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/SpoolsandSpoonsSoap

Blog: www.spoolandspoons.com

E-mail: ginger.smith@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/spoolsandspoons

Twitter: www.twitter.com/spoolsandspoons

Instagram: www.instagram.com/spoolsandspoonsblog

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  1. serenemomblog
    September 21, 2015 / 3:09 pm

    Great job on your video! These scents sound divine. I’m gonna visit their shop and see what I like 🙂

    • September 21, 2015 / 3:44 pm

      Thanks! And yes, be sure to do so. I have like 5 things in my cart and the total (so far) is below $12.00. 🙂

  2. September 21, 2015 / 3:18 pm

    Wine, honeysuckle, and fudge brownie are ALL up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

    • September 21, 2015 / 3:44 pm

      Right? I love to share! 🙂

  3. September 21, 2015 / 3:27 pm

    I shouldn’t like product reviews as much as I do but I always appreciate a good one.

    • September 21, 2015 / 3:43 pm

      Thank you so much!

  4. September 21, 2015 / 4:09 pm

    cool review 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!
    x, Juliet

  5. September 21, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    Ooo these look so decadent!

  6. September 21, 2015 / 4:59 pm

    Great video! I love beauty product reviews and this one was just on point! The scents sound soo delicious that I want to buy one right now!

    • September 21, 2015 / 5:01 pm

      Thank you so much! 🙂 I love them too! Let me know if you get the vanilla bacon milkshake one!

  7. September 21, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    Ooo. These sound so good! I’ll have to check it out 🙂 I love the idea of a less expensive Lush.

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