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This past Saturday, February 27th, my friend Kara and I decided to go to brunch at LOKal off of Ashland Ave.

The experience started off well, but ended with a bad taste in both of our mouths. (No pun intended). Needless to say, we won’t be back to LOKal anytime soon. Read on to learn more about our brunch experience at LOKal.

When I first walked in, I got there before Kara, I was greeted warmly by a waiter and the bartender. The hostess asked me how many were in my party. “There’s two of us. I’m just waiting on my friend to arrive,” I smiled at her. The hostess smiled back and led me to a table asking for my friend’s name along the way so she could sit her when she arrived.





















Once Kara got there, we ordered the $10.00 bottomless mimosas and our food. Kara got some sort of breakfast sandwich and I got the sausage biscuits n gravy. Looks yummy right?









While the food was delicious, as were the mimosas, it was the end of our dining experience that really sucked. Kara and I were still eating when our waiter came by the table and said, “I just want to let you ladies know, that we do have a long waiting list. Thanks.”

Kara and I were appalled. Never before have we ever been rushed to finish eating by a waiter. Especially when we had just gotten our food ten minutes ago. Before the waiter had stopped by our table, Kara and I were thinking of making LOKal our new brunch place. Well that idea vanished as soon as the waiter walked away.

Then the experience got even worse. Kara and I had finished eating, having already been pressured to pay the bill already, when the same waiter came back to our table. The waiter then said to us, “I’ll give you ladies another pitcher of mimosas for free, if you’ll finish them out in the waiting area.”

Kara, without a beat, goes, “No, we’re done.” Then she chugs her mimosa, gestures to me to chug mine, and then briskly walks out of the restaurant without looking back.

Needless to say, LOKal was the worst dining experience I’ve ever had.


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