5 Spring Fashions To Try, 1 To Forget


Sunday was the first day of spring and with spring comes spring fashion. Luckily, it seems as though Spring 2017 will be the spring that the fashion industry breaks free from florals, if only temporarily, and move on to new fashion statements.

Click to read more about the top spring fashions.

1. A New Twist On Athleisure.

This spring will have athleisure with a focus on skin tight knits that hug curves, sporty separates, color-blocked one-piece body suits and leggings.


2. Taste The Rainbow: Stripes Edition.

Stripes are in this spring, but not just any old stripe. I’m talking about bright and colorful rainbow stripes in every size and color. The bolder, the better.


3. Romantic Rock.

This spring is all about showing your romantic side but with a sting. Lace with leather accents, giant hearts, studs, and moto jackets.


4. Utilitarianism Street Style

This trend is less about khaki and more about function as well as style with rip stops outfitted with drawstring cords and toggles, as well as cargo pockets paired with the boxy shape.

Utilitizing the utilitarianism style, means that us women will finally get pockets! I don’t know about you but I always get excited with I actually have pockets in a pair of jeans that I can use.


5. Supersized Bags.

The bigger the better this spring. These bags are just big, they’re ginormous. You can fit the whole kitchen sink in these bags. Forget about carrying around a Yorkie in your purse. This spring, I could fit my 50lbs border collie, Zeppelin, into my purse. Don’t take my word for it,

Forget about carrying around a Yorkie in your purse. This spring, I could fit my 50lbs border collie, Zeppelin, into my purse.


6. 80s Glam Comeback?

80s Glam is supposedly making a comeback this spring. While I love Carrie Bradshaw, I must implore you to not experiment with this trend. Some decades should stay in the past to only be let out for 80s themed parties or fun workouts with your friends.

It feels as if everyone is opposed to this trend. So much so that I couldn’t even find 2017 style inspired by 80s Glam on Pinterest.

Which Spring 2017 fashion trend is your favorite? Comment below!

*All photos found on Pinterest. 

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