Why I Joined A Sorority

We all hear about the stereotypes of sororities growing up. Whether, it’s stereotyped in movies, such as House Bunny, TV Shows, such as Greek, music, or even dare I say it the porn industry. And I, like most other people, believed those stereotypes about sororities. I told myself, throughout middle school and high school that I would never join a sorority.

However, that all changed my freshman year of college at Loyola University Chicago. I had read that sororities were great for networking in life after college and I’m not going to lie, the whole reason why I decided to rush was due to the fact that I believed it would get me ahead in life.
Looking back at it now, I thought I’d be lucky enough to one day find a fellow sister that would be able to help me achieve my dreams–kind of like how Elle Woods found out that one mean judge was in her sorority and the judge ended up helping her out and they became fast friends.
Yet, when I joined Alpha Chi Omega I found something more than what I was looking for and it surprised me. I found a sisterhood. I found fellow women who had similar interests with me not only in the social aspect of the sorority but in the beliefs and morals we held together. They were real, down to earth, and most importantly strong.
They fought for equality, Alpha Chi Omega now allows transgender women to join, and they stood up for what was right. We raised funds for Domestic Violence Awareness and worked with Between Friends and lit up the lakefront along Chicago with candles for those who lost their lives due to Domestic Violence.
When it came to graduating from Loyola University Chicago, Alpha Chi Omega’s Chicago Alumnae Chapter, Alpha Alpha, welcomed me and my fellow graduates with open arms. I still keep in touch with girls that I graduated college with, even though I’m now miles away from Chicago in Louisiana–soon to be Austin, Texas.
Alpha Chi Omega’s slogan is, “Real. Strong. Women” and I believe that I’m the woman I am today because of Alpha Chi Omega.

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