How To Order Coffee In 15 Countries

Hey, Caf-Fiends!

This Thirsty Thursday we’re going to learn how to order a coffee in 15 countries around the world. I know I have a lot of international readers and if you’re from one of the countries in this post and the wording of your language is wrong, please let me know! Also, my keyboard doesn’t have all the accents needed so my apologies for that.

1. France

Local Favorite: Café Au Lait (Espresso with milk)

How To Order: “Puis je avoir un café s’il vous plaît?”

2. Italy 

Local Favorite: Macchiato (espresso with a small amount of frothed milk)

How To Order: “Posso avere un caffé, per favore?”

3. Germany

Local Favorite: Pharisaer (Black coffee with rum and sugar, topped with whipped cream)

How To Order: “Kann ich bitte einen kaffee haben?”

4. Spain

Local Favorite: Cafe Bombon (espresso with condensed milk)

How To Order: “Me puede dar un cafe por favor?”

5. Portugal

Local Favorite: Mazagran (espresso, water and lemon juice with ice cubes)

How To Order: “Posso tomar um café, por favor?”

6. Ireland

Local Favorite: Irish Coffee (Coffee, Irish Whiskey, Brown Sugar and slightly whipped heavy cream)

How To Order: “An féidir liom deoch caife le do thoil?”

7. Greece

Local Favorite: Frappe Coffee (Instant coffee, cold water, foam and ice cubes)

How To Order: “Boró na écho énan kafé parakaló?”

8. Finland

Local Favorite: Kaffeost (Coffee served over juustoleipa cheese)

How To Order: “Saisinko kahvia kiitos?”

9. Turkey

Local Favorite: Turkish Coffee (ground coffee, water and a cardamom pod)

How To Order: “Bir kahve alabilir miyim lütfen?”

10. Netherlands

Local Favorite: Café Melange (double shot espresso with whipped cream)

How To Order: “Mag ik een koffie alsjeblieft?”

11. Vietnam

Local Favorite: Ca Phe Da (ground coffee, condensed milk, boiling water and ice)

How To Order: “Tôi có thē có môt ly cà phê không?”

12. Hong Kong

Local Favorite: Yuanyang (coffee, black tea, and condensed milk)

How To Order: “Qīng gēi wō yībēi kāfēi?”

13. India

Local Favorite: Indian Filtered Coffee (coffee powder, water, milk, and sugar)

How To Order: “Kya mujhe kofee mil sakatee hai?”

14. Malaysia

Local Favorite: Kopi Susu Panas (condensed milk and ground coffee)

How To Order: “Boleh I minum kopi sila?”

15. Morocco

Local Favorite: Café des Épices (Coffee with nutmeg, black pepper, and sesame seeds)

How To Order: “Hal ‘astatie alhusul ealaa qahwat law smht?”

That’s all fifteen countries! Again, if you’re from one of the above countries and I’ve spelled something wrong or phrased something wrong, please let me know!


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