Namaste For Some Stellar Coffee

Chelsea Gros Boudreaux, a Lake Charles native, met Carl Boudreaux, a Texan native, in high school. While they had classes together, it wasn’t until after high school that they officially met through mutual friends– a year later the two were married.

In October of 2005, the Boudreauxs bought the Yoga Center of Lake Charles, established in 1998 by Janet Houtz, as Hurricane Rita was rolling into town. “I started practicing yoga the previous year or so before and was looking into becoming certified. After a while, the Yoga Center became available for sale and all avenues of our life led us down the path to purchase it,” said Boudreaux.

The Yoga Center of Lake Charles offers a variety of yoga styles from a beginner’s course to Yin, Ashtanga, Hot Power, and Vinyasas. They even offer Tai Chi. In every course, they teach you how to adjust and modify to your body’s needs, no matter what class you’re in.

The Yoga Center also hosts special events and various workshops. In the past, they held a fundraiser for Hobo Hotel where they did ‘Cat Yoga’ (yoga with kittens running around the studio). They also have black light yoga and movie night where they show inspirational movies on a 15’ screen.

“With such a stressful world, I felt the need to offer options for reducing stress, easing tension, and building focus for our local police. We offer discounted and some free classes for police and military,” stated Boudreaux when asked about the program she recently led for the Lake Charles police.

While your first class is only $5.00, the Yoga Center has memberships as low as $60/month for unlimited classes and even class passes to use at your leisure, that way you don’t have to pay for classes that you don’t attend.

In April of 2017, the Boudreauxs bought the local coffee shop, Stellar Beans, from the previous owners. The Boudreauxs loved the community and wanted to see Stellar Beans thrive with, “all the love we had to give!” said Boudreaux,  “We’ve tweaked the menu a little, but it is pretty spot on. Our focus is on presenting the best quality food, drinks, and atmosphere that we can while promoting local art and music.”

Not only does Stellar Beans have local musicians play every week, but the coffee shop also showcases different local artists each month and you can purchase the art right off the walls. The coffee shop also hosts special events where they promote local talent such as coffee house theatre, art shows, book signings, pottery, coffee and more. 

In fact, all of Stellar Beans‘ coffee is locally roasted, single-sourced, organic and locally owned and operated.

Stellar Beans is located at 319 Broad St. and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 7am-8pm, Sundays 8am-2pm, and Monday 7am-3pm. The Yoga Center of Lake Charles is located at 321 Broad St. and its full class schedule is available online at


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