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We love guest posts. We are always looking for original content to share with our readers. If you would like to see your article published on our blog, for free, here is how it works.


  1. Show off your amazing writing skills to a whole new audience
  2. Be seen by our readers, social media followers and newsletter subscribers!
  3. Cast a wider net and gain more followers in the process
  4. Build a foundation as a trusted expert in your niche
  5. Add us to your blog for more credentials for your press and media kit
  6. Create more targeted traffic for your blog
  7. Get useful feedback from our community
  8. Sharpen your content creation skills
  9. Grow brand awareness
  10. Make new friends…like us!


  • Pets
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Food/Health
  • Entertainment
  • Human Interest Stories
  • Thought Provoking Essays

These are generalized topics. If you have any suggestions that fall into any of the above categories or that you feel will be a good fit for our readers feel free to contact us here.


We don’t write about car repair and other things you should know

Do your homework before submitting a blog post. Have we covered the same exact topic you’re submitting? Read our content and get to know what we’re about and if your content would even be a good fit.  For example, if you submit an article on car repair, sure our readers may own cars, but they likely won’t be coming to our site for that purpose.

Know our Demographics and Cater to Our Audience

Keep in mind that our target demographics tend to be more female than male with a higher percentage of users in the 18-34 age group. The top majority of our readers are from the US as well as France, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. As such you should also use American English spellings for that reason. Ex: humor vs humour

Use high-quality social media friendly images

If your post is a ‘how-to’ make sure to provide step-by-step high-quality images and/or video that explains your process to our readers; Even better if your images are social media size friendly for easy pinning and sharing.

Start Out With an Opening Hook

In order to catch a fish, you need good bait, right? Same with your opening line, draw them in and keep it honestly intriguing throughout. Draw from your own personal experiences but make it relatable. Also, try to stick to content that is evergreen and/or seasonal and not super trendy.

Edit, Edit, and Edit again

If your piece needs to be reorganized or edited we will send it back to you for resubmission. If we have to continually do this we will stop publishing your work all together as we really don’t have time to explain the writing and editing process to every writer. Grammarly is your friend and Word doc editor is known to be inaccurate.


If you are a PR person or brand owner and would REALLY like some coverage with us, contact us here instead and we’ll send you our media kit and rate sheet.

*All links for sponsored posts must be no-follow and will include a disclosure for paid posts or product reviews per the FTC regulations. This is how we do business, ethically and authentically.


We’re not a big fan of making rules but there are always the few that ruin it for the majority so this is really to save us both time and any potential headaches.

  • Must be YOUR original work and not have been or plan to be published anywhere else for a minimum of 60 days AFTER we publish it. Submissions must be minimum 400 up to 2000 words. All work will be verified through an online plagiarism service.
  • As much as we’d love too, we CANNOT publish YOUR affiliate links as that is a relationship between you and your affiliate and wouldn’t be acceptable on another platform you have no ownership of.  It would also likely be a term of service violation for most affiliates including our own.
  • We allow ONE follow link to YOUR blog/website in a short intro at the end of the blog post. You must have ownership of that blog/website.
  • Your guest blog post will also include an author bio at the end of your post which includes links to your social media accounts as well as your blog. Please be sure to include this author bio with your submission. An author bio may include any personal or business links to your social media sites and website/blog site.
    Unfortunately, WordPress automatically creates all links as no-follow in the author box.
  • To be clear NO unnatural links will be allowed in any guest posts unless it is an internal link linking back to a post on our blog as a reference. Your bio will contain a link to your blog and social media handles for readers to reference and to assist in gaining a following for you.
  • You must be an author/owner of that blog/website you link to. The ONLY exception we make is if we are providing natural links to important resources that should be included in important or delicate topics; such as the National Suicide Prevention Hotline or the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
  • We reserve the right to edit for layout purposes, grammar and spelling but ask that you do your own editing before submitting to make our jobs easier. We highly recommend Grammarly for this purpose.
  • Must be written in a web-friendly format; Easy to skim through, short paragraphs, organized, lists and bullets where applicable.
Once your article has been reviewed, we will be in touch regarding the publication of your article on our blog site.
If your article has been accepted for publication on our blog, we will let you know the date that it has been scheduled to post. We will send you the link to your post once it goes live on our site for you to share with your own social media network!
* When submitting an article, please be mindful that we receive dozens of guest posts each week. Please allow from 4 business days to up to two weeks for us to get back to you after the submission of your guest post. We do try to get through all of our guest posts as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.

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