Movies to Watch This Fall on Netflix (2021)

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Ah! I can’t believe that October 1st is finally here my Ghoul Friends. After a year and a half whirlwind of being alone and missing all of last Fall’s activities, I’m super excited for all of the new movies coming to Netflix this Fall.

After lurking for weeks, these are the top five movies I’m looking forward to watching this Fall.

Till Death

I’ve loved her since Jennifer’s Body and this movie is number one on my list to watch. The trailer left me on the edge of my seat and as a lover of thrillers, left me in antici–pation of more to come.

The premise is a woman is left handcuffed to her dead husband as part of a sick revenge plot. Unable to unshackle, she has to survive as two killers arrive to finish her off.

Night Teeth

I’ve loved all things vampires since I was a young girl. I’m not sure who my first vampire love was that fed into the frenzy–although I’m pretty sure James Marsters’ Spike is to blame.

Alfie Allen stars in this horror movie as a chauffeur who drives two young women (Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry) to parties in LA and follows his night that turns into a twisty ride as he learns his passengers are not who they claim to be.

Our woman, Megan Fox, is in this one as well. I’m excited to see her in more movies this year.

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No One Gets Out Alive 

You know this one’s got to be creepy based on that title alone. Not going to lie, I’m not 100% sure about this one. It reminds me of an episode of Supernatural and H.H. Holmes Murder House. However, Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 73% on its Tomatometer and 51% audience score.

After watching the trailer, and reading the synopsis, I’m intrigued by this one.

Based on Adam Nevill’s horror novel, the movie follows a young immigrant woman who grew up in poverty and is pleasantly surprised to find a nice apartment she can afford—but not so pleased when she discovers how dangerous the place truly is.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

This one is sure to be creepy! Although it gives me strong “When a Stranger Calls” vibes. I’m still intrigued and excited that it showcases a female horror author.

Adapted from Stephanie Perkins’ horror novel of the same name, this teen scream imagines a terrifying bummer of a senior year when a Hawaiian high schooler relocates to her grandmother’s small Nebraska town to finish school and a secrets-exposing killer starts taunting her and her new classmates. The film is directed by Creep filmmaker Patrick Brice, and James Wan is among the producers.

Fear Street Trilogy

I’m a little late on this movie trilogy and that’s mainly because I wanted to wait until October to watch the spooky trilogy. As a lover of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps, I can’t wait to dig deep into some 90s nostalgia with these R-rated slashers.

Deena, a high schooler who lives in Shadyside (AKA “Shittyside”), a village afflicted by a severe case of serial killers. Every few years, a Shadysider goes on a murderous rampage, and Deena and her ex-girlfriend, Alex, get caught in the mystery of why the village is seemingly cursed.

Which Netflix fall movie are you excited to see? Let me know which movies I should add to my Watch List!

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