From a young age, Riah has been a bibliophilia, she attributes her love of books to her mother’s push of Hooked on Phonics (who’s a 90s kid?).

This love of books led to her love of English in school and eventually led her to journalism in her junior year of high school. She participated in the journalism program her junior and senior before leaving Columbia, South Carolina and heading to Chicago, Illinois to major in journalism at Loyola University Chicago (LUC).

During her time at LUC, Riah played on the university’s quidditch team, Loyola Lumos, where she began and ran their social media platforms. She also wrote for LUC’s college paper, Loyola Phoenix.  She was the online editor for Mosaic Magazine and Loyola Compass. Eventually, her professor asked her to be the managing editor of the Loyola Student Dispatch her senior year. As a senior, she interned with the Better Government Association where she did research for stories and worked closely with investigative journalists.

Once she graduated LUC in 2014, Riah moved on and became a marketing manager part time at Mark B Weiss and Chicago School of Yoga. However, Riah was still pursuing a career in journalism and saw the opportunity to become a content specialist intern at CareContent, Inc.

As a content specialist at CareContent, Inc. Riah had to write for a different range of clients and use their writing style and tone. Each week she was in charge of researching, setting up and interviewing healthcare professionals for four 650 word blog posts which would then go on the client’s website. Since this was a content specialist role, Riah’s name is not directly attached to the articles. She then had to optimize each post using Google Adwords Keyword Planner for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ using Hootsuite.

After her internship ended at CareContent, Inc. Riah moved on to work in customer service at Uber Technologies, Inc. There, she learned how to empathize with customers both through online writing and over the phone. She worked at Uber for over a year before deciding to move to Louisiana to be close to her parents and brother.

Her next adventure began on October 1, 2017, when she moved to Austin, TX. Riah runs her lifestyle blog CoffeeColumnist– a little bit of everything from beauty and fashion to life experiences and travel!

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