Hilary Duff makes me want to re-join Tinder

Thanks to Hilary Duff, Tinder may rise once again as a legit dating app. The star of the new TV show Younger, recently released the music video for her catchy song Sparks.

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5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To A Concert At The Metro

image1-2When my friend called me saying that I was going to a concert with her at The Metro I was excited. This would be my first concert at The Metro.

I had a great time at the concert this past Tuesday. However, here are 5 things I Wish I Knew Before Going To A Concert At The Metro.

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5 Reasons Meghan Trainor’s ‘Dear Future Husband’ music video is feminist friendly

I’ve loved the song ‘Dear Future Husband’ from the first day I heard it play on the radio. The other day I saw an article on Buzzfeed about Meghan Trainor’s new music video ‘Dear Future Husband’ and how many people were upset with the singer and calling it “sexist”. However, what many people don’t understand is that Trainor is actually singing about how she won’t be the perfect wife and won’t conform to the ideas of a woman being stuck in the kitchen. Her music video is in fact somewhat a parody. Watch the music video below and let’s analyze it together.

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Blasting the beats in public more harmful to yourself than it is annoying to others


Headphones and iPods are everywhere on college campuses, but many students may be unaware of the threat of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), the damage to a person’s hearing from repeated exposure to loud sounds over time.

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