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Have a product for us to review? Send us an email.

Please do not send media alerts. Relevant press releases, invitations, or PR inquiries only.

Any items that have been gifted, sent, or given to me by a PR company in consideration for a product review will be marked with an asterisk (*). I will always give my 100% honest opinion on any product that I feature.

Honesty is key here, because, without that, this blog would be nothing. I am here to try out products and tell you exactly what I think, to help you make your own decisions on future purchases.

I do not accept money in exchange for positive product reviews. If a post is sponsored it will be clearly marked as so in the individual post. I won’t work with sponsors that I do not love!

Product Recommendation Disclaimer:

Any recommendation of a product or ingredient on this blog is based on my own experience and research of the product. I recommend doing your own research on products as well! My reviews are here to aid you, but there are many other people who also do product reviews – you should look around before shelling out tons of money for a product!

Sponsored Post Policy

  • FTC complaint posts only
  • Only two sponsored posts a month
  • Posts have to be from different companies each month

Product Review Policy

  • Free of charge and have to be family friendly.
  • A full-size non-returnable product is required to complete product review (review products will not be returned and become property of CoffeeColumnist)
  • Please allow 3-8 weeks for your review to be completed
  • Product Reviews will be shared on all of our social media platforms
  • The blog post will contain links to your product and/or website
  • Once the review is published a link will be sent to you
  • If the wrong item is shipped or is damaged-the review will not happen. If a prepaid return label is included the incorrect or damaged item will be sent back.
  • FTC regulations will be followed
  • Review will not be done if the product type and product amount is not what was agreed upon
  • Negative reviews will be posted. Honesty is the best policy. Yet, we will clearly highlight the positive aspects of the product.

AD Policy

  • Family-friendly ads only
  • No landing pages to porn sites or anything illegal, all users have to land on the same page
  • No ads that discriminate based on race, gender, sexual preference, or disability
  • Make sure ads are correct for grammar and spelling
  • No spam ads
  • No refunds
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