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Sponsored Post Policy

  • FTC complaint posts only
  • Only two sponsored posts a month
  • Posts have to be from different companies each month

Product Review Policy

  • Free of charge and have to be family friendly.
  • A full-size non-returnable product is required to complete product review (review products will not be returned and become property of CoffeeColumnist)
  • Please allow 3-8 weeks for your review to be completed
  • Product Reviews will be shared on all of our social media platforms
  • The blog post will contain links to your product and/or website
  • Once the review is published a link will be sent to you
  • If the wrong item is shipped or is damaged-the review will not happen. If a prepaid return label is included the incorrect or damaged item will be sent back.
  • FTC regulations will be followed
  • Review will not be done if the product type and product amount is not what was agreed upon
  • Negative reviews will be posted. Honesty is the best policy. Yet, we will clearly highlight the positive aspects of the product.

Want us to do a product review? Please send it to the address below with a write up about the product you want us to review.

To: RIAH        Address: 2110 W Slaughter Ln Ste 107 MailBox #693 Austin, TX 78748

Please do not send media alerts. Relevant press releases, invitations, or PR inquiries only.

AD Policy

  • Family-friendly ads only
  • No landing pages to porn sites or anything illegal, all users have to land on the same page
  • No ads that discriminate based on race, gender, sexual preference, or disability
  • Make sure ads are correct for grammar and spelling
  • No spam ads
  • No refunds

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