Guest Bloggers Welcome!


  1. Show off your amazing writing skills to a whole new audience
  2. Be seen by our readers, social media followers, and newsletter subscribers!
  3. Cast a wider net and gain more followers in the process
  4. Build a foundation as a trusted expert in your niche
  5. Add us to your blog for more credentials for your press and media kit
  6. Create more targeted traffic for your blog
  7. Get useful feedback from our community
  8. Sharpen your content creation skills
  9. Grow brand awareness
  10. Make new friends…like us!


  • Entertainment: TV & Movies, Books, Music, Internet Trends
  • Beauty & Style: Product Reviews, Beauty Trends, Fashion Trends
  • Travel: City Travel Guides, Hotels, Restaurants, Things to Do, Travel Journals
  • Wellness: Fitness, Mental Health, Sex & Relationships, Nutrition, Thought-Provoking Essays
  • Lifestyle: Food & Drink, Stay at Home, Decor & Styling, Home Tours, Human Interest Stories

These are generalized topics. If you have any suggestions that fall into any of the above categories or that you feel will be a good fit for our readers feel free to contact us using the Google Form below. 


We don’t write about car repair and other things you should know

Do your homework before submitting a blog post. Have we covered the same exact topic you’re submitting? Read our content and get to know what we’re about and if your content would even be a good fit.  For example, if you submit an article on car repair, sure our readers may own cars, but they likely won’t be coming to our site for that purpose.

Know our Demographics and Cater to Our Audience

Keep in mind that our target demographics tend to be more female than male with a higher percentage of users in the 18-34 age group. The top majority of our readers are from the US as well as France, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. As such you should also use American English spellings for that reason. Ex: humor vs humour. We cater to womxn and anyone that identifies as such. 

Use high-quality social media-friendly images

If your post is a ‘how-to’ make sure to provide step-by-step high-quality images and/or video that explains your process to our readers; Even better if your images are social media size friendly for easy pinning and sharing.

Start Out With an Opening Hook

In order to catch a fish, you need good bait, right? Same with your opening line, draw them in, and keep it honestly intriguing throughout. Draw from your own personal experiences but make it relatable. Also, try to stick to content that is evergreen and/or seasonal and not super trendy.

Edit, Edit, and Edit again

If your piece needs to be reorganized or edited we will send it back to you for resubmission. If we have to continually do this we will stop publishing your work altogether as we really don’t have time to explain the writing and editing process to every writer. Grammarly is your friend and Word doc editor is known to be inaccurate.

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