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  • 5 Netflix Series You’ll Want to Binge Watch this Fall

    5 Netflix Series You’ll Want to Binge Watch this Fall
  • A Local’s Guide to Dublin

    A Local’s Guide to Dublin
  • 9 Healthy Habits to Change Your Life

    9 Healthy Habits to Change Your Life
  • Lana Del Rey Lookbook for Fall 2019

    Lana Del Rey Lookbook for Fall 2019

Huh? Experience before experience?!

You’ve just graduated from college. Congratulations! Your whole life is ahead of you. You’ve dreamed of this moment for a while now and you’re excited! You have every right to be! However, once the partying dies down and the congratulations are over it’s time to get down to business. Unfortunately,…

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My Supernatural Theory

I have a slight obsession with this TV show Supernatural. Well, it’s about to conclude it’s ninth season next week and then next year is the last season. When I watched the latest Supernatural episode, Stairway to Heaven, I kept getting this weird feeling. I thought I’d explain my theory…

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Surplus giraffe dissected in front of families

The gruesome event happened in Copenhagen. Marius, a two-year-old giraffe, was shot with a bolt pistol and then had an autopsy performed on him in front of visitors including those with families. When I first read about the event I was ashamed and shocked. Ashamed that the zoo wouldn’t allow the…

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There’s a cannibal named ‘Mad Dog’ that eats Muslims

I first saw the story on RYOT’s instagram and was appaled just by seeing the words “This is the face of a cannibal.” These words were accompanied by a photo of half of Mad Dog’s stoic face.

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People of the CTA: Funny or Inappropriate?

Chicagoans, sporting unconventional hairstyles or unflattering clothing, transgender individuals who may not pass very well as the gender with which they identify, homeless individuals falling asleep in strange positions. At least two, if not all of these things are moments of vulnerability that should not be exploited.  However, the super-popular…

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