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  • The Broke Girl’s Guide to Self-Care

    The Broke Girl’s Guide to Self-Care
  • 5 Work from Home Tips

    5 Work from Home Tips
  • 5 Netflix Series You’ll Want to Binge Watch this Fall

    5 Netflix Series You’ll Want to Binge Watch this Fall
  • A Local’s Guide to Dublin

    A Local’s Guide to Dublin

Lana Del Rey Lookbook for Fall 2019

W Magazine describes Lana’s style as, “a cross between the sultry throw-back glamour of Priscilla Presley and the casual cool California girl. Much like her music, her style is at once retro-chic and forward-thinking.”

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Everything You Need to Know About Smoothie Bowls

Six months ago I stumbled upon smoothie bowls and was instantly intrigued, especially since I hadn’t ever thought of eating a smoothie with a spoon before. The first time I tried a smoothie bowl I was instantly hooked, call me a smoothie bowl junkie.

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How to Identify Self Toxicity and Work Through It

Have you had days where you just can’t think anything good about yourself? Or days where everything you do doesn’t come up to your own expectations so you start demeaning yourself? Human beings are bound to mess up one time or another. But one of the most harmful things you can do to yourself is to hurt yourself by being over critical of everything you do.

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How to Wake Up Early Without Feeling Tired

If you’re someone that wants to start utilizing like your mornings or maybe just getting up a little earlier to do something active such as going to the gym or doing yoga or even if you’ve just had a general interest in waking up earlier then these are the tips and tricks that worked for me.

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We love guest posts. We are always looking for original content to share with our readers. If you would like to see your article published on our blog, for free, here is how it works. WHY GUEST POST?  Show off your amazing writing skills to a whole new audience Be…

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