Namaste For Some Stellar Coffee

Namaste For Some Stellar Coffee

Chelsea Gros Boudreaux, a Lake Charles native, met Carl Boudreaux, a Texan native, in high school. While they had classes together, it wasn’t until after high school that they officially met through mutual friends– a year later the two were married.

In October of 2005, the Boudreauxs bought the Yoga Center of Lake Charles, established in 1998 by Janet Houtz, as Hurricane Rita was rolling into town. “I started practicing yoga the previous year or so before and was looking into becoming certified. After a while, the Yoga Center became available for sale and all avenues of our life led us down the path to purchase it,” said Boudreaux.

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Nestled under the metal dome of the West Cal Arena in the Louisiana heat, is an eclectic array of knick knacks, custom crafted jewelry, clothes, teacups turned into bird feeders and even custom wall art with hidden secret compartments.


A Haili Delicious Q & A

A Haili Delicious Q & A


Originally from the Shandong Province of China, Haili Li has made a name for herself in the past six years she’s lived in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Not only is she a beloved member of the community, but she owns and runs Hi-Licious Street Kitchen, the only food truck in Lake Charles with authentic Asian food.

I sat down with Li at Starbucks the other day and asked her a few questions about her and her food truck.

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Kopakama Cooperative

Kopakama Cooperative

Hey, Caf-Fiends!

I wanted to bring to you all two things–a life update and a story I recently read about the Kopakama Cooperative. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you already know that I’m a barista at Stellar Beans in Lake Charles, LA. I know, first I drink the coffee then I write about the coffee then I became a barista (Gilmore Girls reference anyone?).

Anyway, I’m currently living at my parent’s house in Lake Charles, LA while I try and save money to move to Austin, TX where in two or three years time I hope to one day open a coffee shop!

Well, that’s my little blurb about me, let’s move on to the real story–The Kopakama Cooperative.

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