Kopakama Cooperative

Hey, Caf-Fiends!

I wanted to bring to you all two things–a life update and a story I recently read about the Kopakama Cooperative. If you’ve been following me on Instagram, then you already know that I’m a barista at Stellar Beans in Lake Charles, LA. I know, first I drink the coffee then I write about the coffee then I became a barista (Gilmore Girls reference anyone?). Anyway, I’m currently living at my parent’s house in Lake Charles, LA while I try and save money to move to Austin, TX where in two or three years time I hope to one day open a coffee shop!

Anyway, I’m currently living at my parent’s house in Lake Charles, LA while I try and save money to move to Austin, TX where in two or three years time I hope to one day open a coffee shop! Well, that’s my little blurb about me, let’s move on to the real story–The Kopakama Cooperative.

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College search? Here’s Why You Should Check Out A College You Normally Wouldn’t



We all have expectations and a list when it comes to picking out universities. Some of the expectations might be: a good program for your major, good sports teams, large/small campus, Ivy League, Big Ten, a college in a city or a college in the country. I had only three requirements on my list: it had to be far away from my parents, it had to be in Illinois and it couldn’t be a religious university.

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Always on the Outside

Always On The Outside

I wrote this my freshman year of college (Fall 2010) when I was feeling alone, like an outsider, and depressed. As someone who grew up on the road and in motel rooms with only her tight knit family, getting acclimated to a big city like Chicago and the people within that city was a huge adjustment and sometimes it still continues to be.

I’ve definitely grown since then but I still thought that I’d share this for anyone and everyone who has every had to deal with a huge life change or who feels as though they’re an outsider.

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5 Tips To Survive Freshman Year Of College

Radagast Bier Hall.jpg

You’ve finally unpacked the last box and are officially settled into your dorm room. You may be a bit hesitant about your freshman year and have no idea how you’re going to survive it. Well, you’re in luck buckaroo!

Here are 5 tips to survive freshmen year of college.

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5 Reasons Meghan Trainor’s ‘Dear Future Husband’ music video is feminist friendly

I’ve loved the song ‘Dear Future Husband’ from the first day I heard it play on the radio. The other day I saw an article on Buzzfeed about Meghan Trainor’s new music video ‘Dear Future Husband’ and how many people were upset with the singer and calling it “sexist”. However, what many people don’t understand is that Trainor is actually singing about how she won’t be the perfect wife and won’t conform to the ideas of a woman being stuck in the kitchen. Her music video is in fact somewhat a parody. Watch the music video below and let’s analyze it together.

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Surplus giraffe dissected in front of families

AP Photo/POLFOTO, Peter Hove Olesen

AP Photo/POLFOTO, Peter Hove Olesen

The gruesome event happened in Copenhagen. Marius, a two-year-old giraffe, was shot with a bolt pistol and then had an autopsy performed on him in front of visitors including those with families. When I first read about the event I was ashamed and shocked.

Ashamed that the zoo wouldn’t allow the giraffe to be placed in one of the other zoos that offered to take Marius and wouldn’t take the $50,000, offered by an anonymous individual, to stop the killing, all because of the potential threat of inbreeding.

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Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Dating?


Hooking Up.  That seems like all people have time for. What ever happened to dating? To someone asking you out. Picking you up and handing you flowers.  Everything in today’s society is too fast paced. We need to slow it down. We need to know that we can still date without feeling like we have to take our clothes off.

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